Cancellation and Refund Policy for BSCK Sanstha Donations:

Effective Date: 01/06/2023

1. Nonrefundable Donations: 1.1. All donations made to BSCK Sanstha are considered nonrefundable.

1.2. Once a donation has been processed, it cannot be cancelled, and no refunds will be issued.

2. Acknowledgment of Policy: 2.1. Donors acknowledge and agree that they will not seek a refund for their donations to BSCK Sanstha.

3. Exceptional Circumstances: 3.1. In exceptional circumstances, where an error occurs in the donation process or an unauthorized transaction takes place, donors are encouraged to contact BSCK Sanstha promptly for resolution.

4. Contact Information: 4.1. For any inquiries or concerns related to donations, donors can contact us at

5. Modification of Policy: 5.1. BSCK Sanstha reserves the right to modify this cancellation and refund policy at any time.

5.2. Changes will be effective upon posting on the BSCK Sanstha website.