About Us

We are a non-profitable Maharashtra-based organization providing support to children and Needy People all around Nashik.

15 Years in Action

In the last 15 years, our NGO evolved from a small group’s vision into a force for positive change. Fueled by passionate individuals, donor support, and community collaboration, we’ve impacted countless lives. From humble beginnings, we’ve celebrated triumphs and remain dedicated to our mission of creating a better world.

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Our Plan

All donations will go to support 3 main problems: food, education, health. Our project is working with troubled kids and Poor People in Nashik more than 15 years and we’ve achieved great successes.


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Our Mission

We are accepting donations of any size. Donating 1% of your monthly income won’t hurt you but will serve a great job for these Mission

Development Goals Maharaj and School Pipline BSCK Sanstha Nashik

Development Goals

The Pregnancy BSCK Sanstha Nashik Pregnancy Medical Camp

The Pregnancy

Infant Mortality Medical Camp BSCK Sanstha Nashik

Infant Mortality

Goshala Maharaj and Cow


These kids require your help!